Founding companywith limited liability

Setting up a company tailored to you. No paperwork. Based on
one meeting or online. We save your time, nerves and money.
Final price with seat for up to 12 months CZK 9,900 without VAT.

founding company

Founding of s.r.o. from us is always ALL

INCLUSIVE. What does it mean?

The company is from A to Z exactly according to your ideas.

You can choose the share capital of the company starting from CZK 1. And if you want more, we are happy to lend.

Included in the founding price of the s.r.o. is the settlement of free trades.

We will take care of all the formalities, including notarization of the establishment of the company (drafting of the articles of incorporation or partnership agreement) and the declaration of trade.

We will take care of all lengthy and demanding communication with the relevant authorities for you.

We guarantee a minimum of administrative steps for the client.

We will handle everything in one meeting in Prague, Brno or Ostrava. Alternatively, we will solve everything online.

We guarantee speed and the best price on the market!

Basic consultancy in the field of company establishment included in the price (we will review your requirements to see if they are in accordance with the applicable legislation, or we will adjust them accordingly).

Special offer

Founding of s.r.o.with headquarters for free

Price 9,900 CZK without VAT for the complete establishment of your new s.r.o. is final and includes all fees for express registration in the commercial register, settlement of free trades and, if you wish, provision of a seat for 6 or 12 months in the Gold program.
Company founding procedure

What are the steps involved

in establishing a s.r.o. with us?

Contact us

We will send you an order form where you fill in the name of the company, the number of executives and partners and other parameters. Go to contacts.

We will agree on everything necessary and arrange an appointment with a cooperating notary

Negotiations with a notary and the conclusion of a partnership agreement in the form of a notary record take about an hour. This is how the company is founded. We can also solve everything by correspondence. In this case, send the documents with a verified signature to us by post.

Basic capital

Share capital from CZK 1 to CZK 20,000, no need to deposit in a bank account. If the share capital is higher, you open a business account at the bank of your choice on the basis of the articles of incorporation and deposit the company's share capital into it. Deliver the original of the bank's confirmation of repayment of the share capital to us by registered mail. If you want, we will lend you share capital for an additional fee and we will arrange everything related to its composition

Done! (For you)

We will take care of everything else: issuing a trade certificate (included in the price), possibly also a bound, craft or concession certificate (for an additional fee, or you can arrange them yourself).

Entry in the commercial register

We will send you information about registration in the commercial register, including an extract from it, by e-mail. That's all done. We handle all administrative steps as standard within 2-3 days from the delivery of all documents and within 10 days from our first contact.


With us, founding a company is a piece of cake

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Want to learn more about the process of starting a company?
See detailed instructions on, how to set up a limited liability company. step by step.

Price calculator & order

How much will it cost youto start a company with us...

Basic capital:
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capital from my own funds:
Office from Simply Office
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In total {{ formatPrice(capitalRentPrice) }} Kč
Provision of headquarters
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{{ formatPrice(programMonthlyPrice) }} Kč / month
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administrative fees)
{{ form.special_craft_trades.length }} × 2 500 Kč
In total {{ formatPrice(specialCraftTradesTotalPrice) }} Kč
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+5 500 Kč
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We guarantee a minimum of paperwork and administrative tasks for our clients

The cost of founding a company
Founding company
9900 CZK without VAT
Provision of headquarters from Simply Office at a prestigious address for 6 or 12 months (Gold variant)
Additional services
Capital lending
3,000 CZK for every 200,000 CZK started
Bonded or craft trade (including administration fee)
2500 CZK without VAT / pc
(Price individual for multiple pcs)
Other concessions (including administrative fee). Individual price for multiple pieces.
5500 Kč bez DPH / ks
Concession Sales of fermented alcohol, drinking alcohol and spirits
(including administrative fee)
2000 CZK without VAT / pc
Treaty of Silent Fellowship*
2000 CZK without VAT*
Preparation of new certified documents for the registered office in case of loss or change
(Consent with the registered office, extract from the CN, power of attorney)
150 CZK without VAT / pc
Provision of company headquarters in Prague, Brno or Ostrava from
199 CZK without VAT / month
Document conversion
60 CZK without VAT / page*
Administrative fee associated with overpayment (duplicate or erroneous payment)
500 CZK without VAT / pc
Administrative fee for repeated modification of a set of documents to found a s.r.o.
500 CZK without VAT

A silent partnership can be concluded for a fixed or indefinite period, the share of a silent partner can be set at a uniform amount for the entire duration of the silent partnership or it can be set at a different amount for each year. However, its amount must always be agreed in advance. It is also not possible to enter into a silent partnership with a certain minimum amount as a profit share, with a possible bonus for high profit. A partner’s share must always be a share. The price is for the preparation of documentation for a specific client (who may not be present at the meeting) and complete advice on this matter. More information here.

Founding a company

Verify the company name

The law prohibits the use of the same, interchangeable or deceptive name.
Check if a similar company name is already being used.

Company name to verify:
✓ Great! No company with the same name was found. Your name will probably be used. ✘ A company with a similar name already exists. The name you choose can be evaluated as interchangeable by the notary or court clerk. We recommend that you choose a different name.
A company name with a similar name: ID number:
{{ }} {{ company.ico }}

The deciding word on whether the chosen name can be used always rests with the recording notary or court clerk.
To order the establishment of s.r.o. therefore, we recommend preparing several possible names.

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