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Grant of permanent residence, alcohol concession, silent partner, landline management, data box administration, extraordinary postal items forwarding


Provision of permanent residence

Do you have a problem with obtaining permanent residence at a serious address? Even if you do not do business, it is very untrustworthy if you place your permanent residence at the address of the City Hall, for example.

We know that more and more people find themselves in a similar situation. If you live in a rental, for example, the owner does not have to give you consent for permanent residence. In this case, you may lose many benefits such as parking or children’s access to kindergarten.

Rely on the services of our partner company AdresaTP to obtain permanent residence at a prestigious address:

Prague 1, Rybná st. 716/24, 110 00
Brno, Lidická st. 700/19, 602 00

What will you gain by permanent residence in Prague or Brno?

Trusted residential address
Access to Prague/Brno nurseries, schools, hospitals and other services
Minimal cost. You can have a permanent stay for just 49 CZK per month

Are you interested in being granted permanent residence or permanent residency? Contact us!

Get permanent residence at a lucrative address in the city center from 49 CZK/month, plus a self-employed person’s seat in prestigious premises with a reception at a discounted price of 99 CZK/month for active self-employed persons and 59 CZK/month for suspended self-employed persons. Look for more information directly on the partner’s website www.adresatp.cz

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Concessions on sale of alcohol

An amendment to the Trade Act has been in effect since 2014, which introduced concessions for the sale of alcohol and spirits.

With us you can arrange a concession for the sale of alcohol within 7 working days!

The concession applies to all entrepreneurs: natural persons, legal entities and companies that sell, distribute or trade in alcoholic beverages, alcohol and spirits with an alcohol content higher than 15%.

Issuance of a license for the sale of alcohol and spirits is not bound by any professional qualification or experience in the field and is charged a fee of CZK 500.

We offer you the provision and processing of a concession document for the sale of alcohol within 7 working days!

Price for processing the concession:

Flat fee
2000 CZK without VAT*
Complete processing and representation at the trade office,
including documentation and an administrative fee of CZK 500.
You will be informed immediately about the result of the registration of the concession.
We provide the service throughout the Czech Republic, including by correspondence!
It is possible to charge VAT non-payers even without VAT.
We normally process the concession within 7 working days,
not the standard 30 days.

Are you interested in processing a concession for the sale of alcohol and spirits? Contact us!

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Silent partner forready made s.r.o. and establishment of s.r.o.

An entrepreneur with a great business plan can apply for a loan from the bank to start his business. But if he doesn’t get it, he can still use an option that is close to a classic loan: a silent partnership.

We help you start a company with a silent partner

A silent partner can be an individual or legal entity, an entrepreneur or a non-entrepreneur who participates in some way in the business of an entrepreneur with whom he has entered into a silent partnership agreement in accordance with the Civil code. 

In the contract, the silent partner commits to a deposit, through which he will participate in the results of the entrepreneur’s business throughout the duration of the silent partnership. The entrepreneur, in turn, undertakes to pay the silent partner’s share of the profit.

By the silent partnership agreement, the silent partner undertakes to provide the entrepreneur with a certain contribution and participate in his business, and the entrepreneur undertakes to pay part of the net profit resulting from the silent partner’s share of the business results.



Supplement to the price of ready made or the establishment of a s.r.o.
2000 CZK without VAT*

* The price is for the preparation of documentation for a specific client (who does not have to be present at the meeting) and complete consultancy in this matter. It can also be ordered separately without purchasing or establishing a s.r.o.

Are you interested in the company of a silent companion? Contact us!

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Landlinewith redirection

Fixed line with a Prague or Brno telephone number

Fixed telephone line with a unique Prague or Brno telephone number with forwarding to the client’s telephone. The minimum contract period is 12 months.

Landline with forwarding
249 CZK without VAT / month

Are you interested in a landline with forwarding? Contact us!

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External administration ofdata box

External administration of the data box (sending content to the client’s e-mail in pdf, information in the form of SMS). The minimum contract period is 12 months.

External administration of the data box
249 CZK without VAT / month

You are interested in external administration of the data box? Contact us!

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Extraordinary forwarding ofpostal items

Extraordinary sending of postal items outside the GOLD/PLATINUM tariff.

Ordinary the Czech Republic – up to 1 kg
50 CZK without VAT
Ordinary abroad – up to 250 g
120 CZK without VAT
Ordinary abroad – over 250 g to 1 kg
250 CZK without VAT*
Recommended by the Czech Republic – up to 2 kg
100 CZK without VAT
Recommended abroad – up to 250 g
200 CZK without VAT**
Recommended by the Czech Republic – over 250 g to 2 kg
400 CZK without VAT **

*In the case of a non-European country, the shipment is sent economically. Faster option 350,- excluding VAT at the client’s request.
**EU and non-EU

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