With online incorporation, you have advantages on your side

You can place your order from your favorite chair with just the help of a computer and an e-mail inbox.
You will save money and time associated with a personal meeting.
At all times, you are assigned the same person who is responsible for completing the establishment according to your ideas.
The establishment will take place reliably, quickly and flawlessly, even with the seat at a prestigious address.

How does it all work?

  1. You fill in the data about your new company in the online form.
  2. We will hand over the name you requested to the notary for lustration.
  3. We will prepare the documentation needed to start the incorporation process together with the payment details and send it to you by e-mail for your signature. We guarantee the correctness of the documents.
  4. Send the signed and certified documents back to us by post.
    After receiving the documents and payment, we will establish your company and send you the certificate of incorporation by post to the specified address.
  5. On the basis of the articles of incorporation, you open a business account at the bank of your choice and deposit the company’s share capital into it.
  6. Deliver the original of the bank’s confirmation of repayment of the share capital to us by registered mail.
    In the meantime, we are already processing your chosen businesses at the trade office.
  7. After completing all the documents, we will register the company in the commercial register and we will inform you about the registration in the commercial register by email, which also includes an extract from the commercial register.

How long does the company incorporation process take?

The establishment itself is a matter of 2 to 3 working days after the delivery of all documents. The whole process usually takes 10 working days from the first contact to registration in the commercial register.

In the case of dealing with bonded/craft or licensed trades, the process will be extended depending on the duration of dealing with the trades at the Trade Office. The trade office has up to 30 days to process the licensed trade.

What is included in the price for establishing a s.r.o.?

Services related to the establishment of a company,
settlement of free trades including an administrative fee of CZK 1,000 excluding VAT,
in the ALL INCLUSIVE package, the company headquarters including a virtual office and postal services in the Gold program for 6 or 12 months at any of our addresses.

How about the company headquarters?

It is possible to place the company headquarters at your own address or use our services and place the company headquarters at one of our prestigious addresses:

Prague 1 (Rybná 24, Prague 1, 110 00),
Prague 2 (Na Folimance 2155/15, Prague 2, 120 00),
Brno (Lidicka 700/19, Brno, 602 00),
Ostrava (Zámostní 1155/27, Ostrava, 710 00),

We offer company headquarters including all virtual office services from 199,- excluding VAT per month.

What is Free Trade? Where will the selected fields of free trade from the order form be listed? Who manages the business?

Self-employment includes all 80 fields listed in the form and is processed as a whole. You choose your preferred fields from this set, which will be visible in the trade register, website www.rzp.cz. However, you can do business in all fields. In the notary record and in the commercial register, this file will only be listed as a whole under the title: “Production, trade and services not included in Annexes 1 and 3 of the Trade Act.”

How is the composition of the bank's share capital? What do I need for this? Which bank will I go to? What account will I open?

We will send you this document after the notarial registration of the company has been created by the notary.
We will leave the choice of bank to you, but we can recommend our partner banks. We will be happy to provide you with more information in person or by phone.
You will take with you a notary record, an identity card, or cash to deposit the share capital. The bank copies a copy of the notarial entry – you must keep the original in the company’s archive.
The bank will establish a special escrow/blocked account in the name of the business company.
You deposit the share capital in cash at the bank’s cash desk or by bank transfer.
After crediting the share capital to the account, the bank will issue a paper confirmation of the deposit of the share capital amount.
You deliver the original of this confirmation in person or by registered mail to the Simply Office s.r.o. office with which you negotiated.
The account will be blocked until the company is registered in the commercial register by a notary.

How do I find out about the registration of a company in the commercial register? Will another meeting be necessary? What will I receive for the documents? What can I pick up at your office?

The notary is in charge of registering the company in the commercial register and assigning the company ID number.
I will inform you about the registration of the company via e-mail.
An extract from the commercial register will be sent to you in electronic form in PDF format.
Another meeting and visit to our office is not necessary.
You will not collect any other documents.
You can then download and print the extract from the commercial register at any time from the online commercial register at www.justice.cz.
You can then download and print the extract from the Trade Register at any time from the online register at www.rzp.cz.
Original statements will be made for you at any CZECH POINT branch for a fee. This statement is then valid for 3 months.

What else do I have to arrange after registering the company in the OR?

You visit the bank again and present them with a statement from the commercial register. The bank will then transfer the blocked account to a regular business account and release the capital funds (you can keep them in the account for company purposes or withdraw them from the account). You or your accountant will register the company at the Financial Office for taxes (DPPO – within 15 days from the day when the company’s economic activity begins; for VAT – registration is voluntary up to the amount of annual turnover of CZK 1 million). You can apply for taxes after receiving access data to the data box and you can use the interactive form at www.financnisprava.cz

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