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Ready-made limited liability companies or the establishment of a LLC with a silent partner

You can borrow money for business not just from the bank, but also from someone else. And this may be very advantageous for both the parties. For more information visit this site.
A ready-made LLC (s. r. o.) or establishment of a LLC with a silent partner (surcharge to the price of a ready-made LLC or establishment of a LLC) CZK 2000 exclusive of VAT *

* The price is for the preparation of the documentation for a specific client (who need not be present at the meeting) and for comprehensive advice in this matter.

 Companies currently offered


Phone call forwarding service

We offer phone call forwarding to your required phone number. You will recieve a unique Prague or Brno phone number. This service costs 249CZK per month + 21% VAT + real costs for calling. It is necessary to order this service at least for 12 months.

Price for 12 months CZK 249 per month + 21% VAT

External data-box service

We offer an external data-box service. We check your data-box and send you the newest incoming messages via e-mail in PDF or via SMS (it depends on you chat you choose). This service costs 249CZK + 21% VAT per month. It is necessary to order this service at least for 12 months.

Price for 12 months CZK 249 per month + 21% VAT

Additional services

  Special offer for our customers Standard price
Issue of new documents for the Business seat in case of loss or change (Agreement from the property owner, Land Register, the Power of Attorney)   CZK 150 (exclusive of VAT)/piece*
Document conversion    CZK 60 (exclusive of VAT)/piece*
Administrative fee for refunding a mistaken payment   CZK 500 (exclusive of VAT)/piece*
Issue of documents for the Business Register in case of address change CZK 500 (exclusive of VAT)/piece* CZK 1000 (exclusive of VAT)/piece*
Submition of an application for the Business Register (including the administrative fee) CZK 2000 (exclusive of VAT)/piece** CZK 2000 (exclusive of VAT)/piece**
More about the change of the Business seat HERE 
Conference rooms for rent




* 21% VAT is added to the price

** Final price exempt from VAT


Extraordinary forwarding of postal items

above the tariff GOLD/PLATINUM

Ordinary forwarding ČR

max. 1 kg

CZK 50 (exclusive of VAT)

Ordinary forwarding aboard

max. 250g

CZK 120 (exclusive of VAT)


over 250g to 1 kg

CZK 250 (exclusive of VAT)*

Recommended forwarding ČR

max. 2 kg

CZK 100 (exclusive of VAT)

Recommended forwarding aboard

max. 250g 

CZK 200 (exclusive of VAT)**


over 250g to 1 kg

CZK 400 (exclusive of VAT)**

* In the case of a non-European country, the shipment is sent economically. Faster variant 350, - without VAT at the client's request.

**in and outside the EU

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