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The provision of a permanent residence or a domicile

Have you had problems with obtaining a permanent residence at a credible address? Although you may not be conducting a business, it appears unreliable, should you register your permanent residence, for example, at the seat of the City Administration.

We know that more and more people are getting into similar situations. If you rent a flat, for example, the owner may not want to give consent for your permanent residence. In such a situation, you could lose many benefits, such as parking rights or the access of your children to a kindergarten. Or is it the executor’s visit that you fear? We even understand this kind of reason.

We offer you a place of permanent residence at a prestigious address at

  • Rybná Street 716/24, Prague 1, 110 00 or
  • Lidická Street 700/19, Brno, 602 00

What will you gain by having your permanent residence in Prague or in Brno?

  • a credible permanent address
  • access to Prague/Brno kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other services
  • the possibility of obtaining a parking card for Prague 1 or for the centre of Brno
  • parking cards in Prague 1 - a non-resident pays CZK 36,000 per annum; while, as a resident, a legal entity pays CZK 12,000 for the first card per annum and CZK 36,000 for each additional card and an individual pays only CZK 700 for the first card per annum and CZK 14,000 for each additional card. More at: transport and parking in Prague 1
Payment for a three-year period CZK 15,000 per period * CZK 417 per month*
Payment for a two-year period CZK 10,000 per period *  CZK 417 per month *
Payment for a one-year period CZK 6,000 per period *  CZK 500 per month *
Payment a half-year period CZK 3,600 per period *  CZK 600 per month *
Payment a quart-year period CZK 2,400 per period *  CZK 800 per month *

*(exclusive of VAT this price is final, VAT is not added)

Payment for each additional year over 36 months costs CZK 5,000. Prices are valid for one person over 15 years old. Children under 15: The first child of the parent is 1, -, other children with 50% discount.


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Ready-made limited liability companies or the establishment of a LLC with a silent partner

You can borrow money for business not just from the bank, but also from someone else. And this may be very advantageous for both the parties. For more information visit this site.
A ready-made LLC (s. r. o.) or establishment of a LLC with a silent partner (surcharge to the price of a ready-made LLC or establishment of a LLC) CZK 2,000 exclusive of VAT *

* The price is for the preparation of the documentation for a specific client (who need not be present at the meeting) and for comprehensive advice in this matter.

 Companies currently offered


Phone call forwarding service

We offer phone call forwarding to your required phone number. You will recieve a unique Prague or Brno phone number. This service costs 249CZK per month + 21% VAT + real costs for calling. It is necessary to order this service at least for 12 months.

Price for 12 months 249CZK per month + 21% VAT

External data-box service

We offer an external data-box service. We check your data-box and send you the newest incoming messages via e-mail in PDF or via SMS (it depends on you chat you choose). This service costs 249CZK + 21% VAT per month. It is necessary to order this service at least for 12 months.

Price for 12 months 249CZK per month + 21% VAT

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