Change of company headquarters

When changing a company’s registered office, it is decisive where you change the registered office from.

  1. If the company’s original seat is outside the new/planned municipality (change of seat Prague-Plzeň), it is necessary to change the company’s founding documents as well. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to visit a notary and make a decision of the general meeting (or the consent of all partners). The decision will take the form of a notarial entry. In this case, you need to visit any notary.
  2. If you are changing your seat within one municipality (Prague-Prague), it is usually possible to make the change without the need for a notary. In this case, the statutory body (one or more executives) can decide on the change of the company headquarters. In the event that you change the registered office of the company within the municipalities of Prague, Brno, Ostrava, without the need to change the founding documents (see point 1.), we offer you help with processing the change proposal for the Commercial Register and processing this change. When using our company headquarters, we offer you a discounted price for processing documents for the Commercial Register.
Discounted price when using the headquarters’ services
Standard price
Preparation of documents for the Commercial Register in the event of a change of registered office
500 CZK without VAT/Pc*
1000 CZK without VAT/Pc*
Dealing with a change of registered office at the Commercial Register, including an administrative fee
2000 CZK without VAT/Pc**
2000 CZK without VAT/Pc**

* 21% VAT is added to the price
** The price is final and is exempt from VAT.

Change of company seat step by step

1) Carry out a legal act that changes the seat

The decision of the general meeting or the consent of all partners is required if the change of the registered office is accompanied by a change in the founding document (the content of the partnership agreement). This decision must be taken in the form of a notarial entry, and therefore it is necessary to visit any notary. The notary will already provide all the necessary details for the transfer of the company's registered office, including registration in the commercial register.

If it will be a company with several partners, it is necessary to determine whether all partners will participate in the meeting or only one based on full powers. It is important to check in the articles of association whether the executive can represent the company or not. You will need to take with you to the meeting:

1. founding document (a scan of the copy or an electronic version in the collection of documents at justice.cz will suffice)

2. Articles of Association

The decision of the statutory body (one or more executives) to change the registered office of the company (without changing the founding document) does not have to be in the form of a notarial entry.

2) Submit a proposal to enter the change in the commercial register

After the decision on the change of registered office has been approved (by the relevant entity or its body, and in the relevant form), the legal entity is obliged to submit a proposal for registration of the change without undue delay. The proposal is submitted by a business company acting through a statutory body to the relevant registry court. The proposal must include the full address of the new location.

Annexes to the proposal must be:

proof of the execution of the relevant legal act (decision of the shareholders, minutes of the general meeting, decision of the statutory body) in the appropriate form
in the event of a change, a duplicate copy of the founding document or articles of association in full and valid wording
a document proving the legal reason for the use of the premises in which the company's new headquarters are located (consent of the property owner to the location of the headquarters with a verified signature, an extract from the real estate register not older than 3 months or a lease agreement)
court fee of CZK 2,000 for changing the registered office of the company

In order to verify the fact that our services are the most favorable on the market in terms of the ratio of quality to price, we offer you a free ready-made price comparison service with the competition, and in the event that you receive a qualitatively comparable and more advantageous offer, we are ready to match it with our offer ! Please send us a competitor’s price offer, after verifying the price in relation to the services, we will contact you with the current price.

3) After the seat in the commercial register is changed, you are obliged to:

Change the registered office of the company at the tax office
  • within 15 days from the change of company seat
  • you document the change of registered office with a new trade license or resolution from the commercial register with information on the acquisition of legal authority
Change the registered office of the company at the trade office
  • within 15 days from the change of company seat
  • it is necessary to fill out a change sheet with the new address of the company headquarters and submit it to the relevant trade office
Change the registered office of the company to a health and social insurance company
  • within 8 days from the change of company seat (if the company has employees)
  • it is necessary to report the new address to the relevant authorities of the social insurance company and individual health insurance companies
Change the registered office of the company to the real estate cadastre
  • if the company owns the property
How about the income tax return at the new residence?
  • You can submit your corporate income tax return, including all attachments, electronically. There is an application directly on the tax portal for filling out the return and all attachments, which you then save and send via the data box.

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