9 reasons for having a Registered Office in Prague, Brno or Ostrava

  1. Having the Company’s Registered Office in Prague, Brno or Ostrava is prestigious  – creating a better image of your company and on your business cards.
  2. Saving money - you will not pay for renting an office, nor for salaries, heating, water, electricity, etc.
  3. By carrying out your business from home, not having to worry about your assets or your privacy.
  4. Avoiding frequent inspections by the tax office. According to the available statistics a company based in Prague is checked once in ten years. In Prague 1, on average, this occurs once every 105 years (more here).
  5. In Prague, Brno or in Ostrava there is a much greater possibility and likelihood of implementing a business and there are also a larger number of potential customers.
  6. 6. By locating your Registered Office outside your own premises, in the event of moving, you will never have to change your place of business, nor have to deal with the administrative details associated with such changes.
  7. Simply Office operates offices in its own properties, there is therefore no risk that in the future your will be obliged to change the address of your Registered Office to another location.
  8. In Prague, Brno and in Ostrava it is possible to anticipate a lesser degree of bureaucracy and thereby also lower costs and fewer potential problems.
  9. We do not charge a deposit nor any gateway fees; our prices start at CZK 199 per month (exclusive of VAT). The GOLD Programme already meets the needs of a demanding client, since it includes the legal identification of the company, the receipt of mail including registered mail, notification of mail that has been received and/or scanning the mail and forwarding it to the requisite address in the Czech Republic.


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