Why have a Registered Office at Simply Office

Have you been offered a cheaper price for a Registered Office elsewhere? Read what to watch out for...

The principal advantages we offer in regard to the main points that you need to watch out for when you are arranging a Registered Office for your company or as your place of business:

  1. Offices that function well
  2. Fully equipped offices
  3. Cost for the Registered Office in full
  4. The receipt of mail is included in the cost for the Registered Office
  5. Representation for dealings with Authorities
  6. Proposals for changes in the Commercial Register
  7. Our References

We have functioning offices located at our own addresses in our own properties, whereas other providers of Registered Offices usually have only a mailbox

Many providers of Registered Offices have only a mailbox at their address with a label denoting the company. Thereby they fulfil their legal obligation, however there are neither real office spaces in the building, nor is there any boardroom. If any authorities are seeking to visit you at your Registered Office, which is the most frequent situation, you do not have a place to which to invite them and, because of these circumstances, some problems could actually arise for you. It is therefore advantageous to have a Registered Office in a location that includes the option for renting space for meetings or for a conference, etc. It is also a very good idea to examine the premises carefully, to be sure that they are truly representative and not just a basement or a garage. We offer our clients representative premises that are located in properties that we directly own and that have facilities for meetings, not only with clients.

All our locations are provided with office spaces, meeting rooms and essential office equipment (copiers, printers, facilities for refreshment)

Each of our locations comprises essential office and administrative facilities. Furthermore, a printer, a copier and the possibility of refreshment can also be found in them.


The prices for the provision of a Registered Office are final

In many companies you may discover other additional payments for services related to the location of your company are required – e.g. an activation fee for the location of the headquarters added to the rate for the month, fee for forwarding mail, charge for its scanning and more. We do not add any additional charges, nor any surcharges, nor any activation fees. You pay only the one price indicated in our price list - this price includes receiving mail, scanning it, notification about the mail, forwarding it to the selected address in the CR. The GOLD Programme already meets the needs of a demanding client, since it includes the legal identification of the company, the receipt of mail including registered mail, notification of mail that has been received and/or scanning the mail and forwarding it to the requisite address in the Czech Republic.

With us, there is the possibility of the regular receipt of your mail and of its forwarding to your address, or, alternatively, the possibility of scanning your letters

When we receive your mail, whether it is a normal letter, a registered letter or a package you will be notified by e-mail of its arrival. We accept regular mail and pre-paid package on your behalf FREE OF CHARGE and in addition, as compared with the competition, we also accept registered mail sent to you FREE OF CHARGE. We can forward regular consignments to your chosen address, or you can pick up these items at our headquarters. If you are aware of any important correspondence that will be delivered to the Registered Office and if you need it as soon as possible, we will be glad to scan this letter on your behalf.

We can also offer you representation in regard to negotiations with authorities

Do you need to settle your tax-registration at the Tax Office or to obtain your business licence but you do not want to have to queue at the office? Here too we will also be able to help you and to implement the necessary registrations or obtain the requisite authorisations.


As an extra service we will produce for you a Proposal for a Change in the Commercial Register in regard to your selected headquarters

Another advantage of our services is that we will also be glad to prepare for you a Proposal for a Change in the Commercial Register, with or without concluding a contract for the provision of a business headquarters at one of our addresses. This will free you from any problems with this official agenda, which for most “lay people” is not simple and poses considerable problems not only during filling it in, but also actually obtaining the documents. We will prepare the Proposal for Change on your behalf and send it by e-mail or by mail to your address, whereby you will just need to officially verify the signature.


We have hundreds of satisfied clients and business partners

We currently have hundreds of satisfied clients and business partners (notaries, lawyers, accountants, offices etc.), who enjoy returning to us. The registered capital of our company amounts to CZK 2,000,000, which ensures a high level of security and of reliability.

With us you can always negotiate regarding better conditions and about the most advantageous offer. We will find a solution together.Definitely give us a call!

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